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PLBuyer's 2013 Category Colonel Awards Program

Category Colonel Awards Program

Help Us Recognize the "Best of the Best" in Private Label Supply

For the last 13 years, PLBuyer's Category Colonel Awards have recognized private label industry suppliers who are the very best at what they do.

In an effort to make the Category Colonel voting process easier for retailers, yet more comprehensive, a ballot has been created and is posted below for your convenience.

Simply select the company on the ballot you want to vote for or write in your vote in the space provided. You can vote for as many or as few categories as you feel comfortable with, so if you are familiar with one or two or all 116, feel free to participate.

We encourage all retailers to participate. By voting for the private label manufacturers who you see as best in class, you will give a deserved pat on the back to people and companies who put in extra effort in making their customers' private label programs successful.

As you cast your votes, ask yourself, are these suppliers:

  1. Innovative – are they providing new product ideas and formulations that help you profitably expand your private label programs?
  2. Quality oriented – are their products consistently of the highest quality?
  3. Focused on customer service?
  4. Providing merchandising support for your private label offerings?
  5. Efficient in terms of delivering what they promise in a timely manner?
  6. Collaborative – do they work with you as true partners?
  7. Geographically capable of meeting you needs in a variety of locations?

All responses are 100% confidential.
The deadline for voting is April 1, 2013.

The results of this year's voting will be featured in the July issue of PLBuyer and appear on and

For additional information, please contact Chris Freeman, 847-405-4015 or via email at

As an added incentive, by submitting your vote you will be automatically registered and qualify for the opportunity to win a free iPad.

PLBuyer thanks you very much for your participation!
(Please select "Other" and write in the company name to vote for a company not listed.)